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Czech-Mate: Oxford City Stars Loan Petr Cech to Belfast Giants


Oxford City Stars are pleased to announce that goaltender Petr Cech will be joining the Belfast Giants in the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) on a temporary loan basis to provide invaluable support whilst they battle injury woes.

Director of Hockey Operations for Oxford City Stars, Shane Moore, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, "Steve Thornton of the Belfast Giants contacted me and asked if they could borrow Petr to help them through some goaltending issues. As a club, we see it as a great opportunity for Petr, and we are pleased that his capabilities are recognised and trusted at the Elite league level.

I believe we have the best trio for goaltending in NIHL1, so I am more than confident that giving Petr this opportunity will not affect our NIHL campaign."

Cech, a former professional footballer and widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers in football history, joined Oxford City Stars as a goaltender this season, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport of ice hockey.

"I have no doubt he will enjoy the experience and bring back that knowledge to the club," added Moore. "He goes with our best wishes, and we look forward to having him return in a week or so."

This temporary loan to Belfast Giants provides Cech with an exciting opportunity to contribute his expertise to a club at the top level of British ice hockey. The move reflects the collaborative spirit within the ice hockey community and highlights the versatility and high caliber of athletes like Petr Cech.

Oxford City Stars expresses its full support for Petr Cech during this loan period and looks forward to his return, confident that the experience gained will enhance both his individual growth and the overall strength of the team.

I am sure our fans will join us in congratulating Petr and follow him during his time with the Belfast Giants.

Many thanks


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