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Games usually run for 2.5 - 3 hours and they're packed with lots of entertainment! The schedule below is based on an 18:15 face-off but it should give you a good idea of how the game nights run.

17:30: Doors open 45 minutes before face-off
17:30: Warm-Ups (20 Minutes)
18:05: Pre-game Build up (10 Minutes) Teams and Refs enter the ice, line ups announced and national anthem played

PERIOD 1 18:15: Period 1 of game play (20 Minutes with added stoppages)

BREAK #1 15 minute break Visit the Cafe to order delicious food and drinks, or pop up to the merchandise table to get yourself kitted out!

PERIOD 2 Period 2 of game play (20 Minutes with added stoppages)

BREAK #2 20 minute break which includes our 'Chuck-A-Puck' competition

PERIOD 3 Period 3 of game play (20 Minutes with added stoppages) Birthday shout-outs 50/50 & Shirt Off The Back winners announced

If game end in draw: Overtime (5 mins)
If no goal is scored in overtime: Penalty Shoot out


Thank you for your interest in attending Oxfordshire's PREMIER Ice Hockey games! We start the experience 45 minutes before face-off, and you can come and see the teams commencing warmups before the real action begins!


50/50 Tickets

Buy a ticket for just £1 and be in with the chance of winning 50% of the funds raised on the 50/50 competition on game nights! Speak to one of our friendly sellers to get your tickets. You've gotta be in it to win it!


Special Annoucements

Are you celebrating a special occasion at the game, such as a birthday or anniversary? speak with a club representative on game night for a shout-out from our game night announcer! These happen throughout the match so make sure you're listening out for it!


Shirt of the back

Buy a ticket for just £2 and be in with the chance of winning a game-worn shirt off your favourite player's back to take home at the end of the game!


Post Game Signings

Head up to the merchandise table by the main entrance after the game to get your merchandise signed by two different City Stars players each week!

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Enter our ‘Chuck-a-Puck’ competition during the period break for just £1 and be in with the chance of winning multiple prizes!. Pucks are available from the merchandise table


Merchandise Table

Why not visit our merchandise table during the period breaks? Located by the entrance of the arena, we stock lots of merchandise for our fan base! This includes foam fingers, jerseys, hats, scarves, clothing and more!

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