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Oxford City Stars, the pride of the Oxford ice hockey, are thrilled to announce the signing of none other than international superstar goaltender Petr Čech! This monumental addition to our roster marks a new era of excellence within the club, and firmly shows our intentions moving forward. Being able to attract a sporting legend to the club shows the clubs intentions and commitment to growing the sport in Oxford. He brings a wealth of experience and knows what it takes to win. Just having him around the club will elevate us all as we strive for excellence this season.

Petr Čech's name resonates with football enthusiasts and sports fans worldwide. He's known for his time with Chelsea and Arsenal in the English Premier league, but he is a fantastic Ice Hockey goalie also, posting a .90% save percentage last season with the Chelmsford Chieftains. He has also played with some of the best players in the ice hockey world, when he trained with the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks. The 6'5 shot stopper is sure to be a fan favourite at Oxford Ice Rink this season, and we are excited he's chosen Oxford's Premier Ice Hockey team as his new home, bringing his unmatched talent to the heart of the city. The signing of Petr Čech is a testament to Oxford City Stars' commitment to excellence and our unyielding pursuit of growth for the sport here at Oxpens Road. We are pleased and humbled that Čech has recognised the potential of our team, choosing to join us on this thrilling journey ahead of the 23/24 campaign. His arrival brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and goaltending prowess that will undoubtedly inspire our players and electrify our loyal fans. Petr had this to say about joining The Oxford City Stars: “I am really excited for a new chapter with Oxford City Stars, I've heard good things about the club and looking forward to playing again with some of my ex teammates. It's clear Oxford have big ambitions and I hope I can help them with those. Personally I’m looking forward to build on the experience with Chelmsford Chieftains in NIHL1 last season and help the team to reach new heights this coming season. Shane Moore, Head of Hockey Operations added: "We were were aware the Petr was looking for a team last season, but at the time we were already full with goalies and non British trained players. So this off season when we knew he was available, it was an opportunity I really wanted to explore.

It's not just our team that will that will benefit from Petr Čech's arrival. I anticipate the positive impact this signing will have on our sport as a whole, the community and the city. With his magnetic personality and unwavering dedication to giving back, Čech will inspire the next generation of aspiring ice hockey players in Oxfordshire and beyond. I envision his presence as a catalyst for growth, fostering a love for the sport, and as a club we want to nurture young talent to reach their full potential."

We would also like to remind people of of sponsorship opportunities this coming season, and we welcome new partners and sponsors to join us for the upcoming season. with Own and loans at £100 a shirt or £150 for two, through to Rink boards and more we can cater for most budgets! We invite you to align your brand with our winning spirit, unrivalled determination, and commitment to excellence. Leverage the power of sport to promote your business and forge lasting relationships with our passionate fanbase and partners.

We are on the cusp of a rebuild, and the arrival of Petr Čech has ignited an unquenchable fire within our belly! Brace yourselves for an unforgettable season filled with pulse-pounding action, breathtaking saves, and high energy performances!

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