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Match Report by Katelin  

Following the tough losses Stars faced last weekend, Oxford were back in action with another double-header weekend. This time facing Slough and Romford. First up was the Jets. The match began and a recurring problem of conceding just after a minute took place. After Slough took the lead, Stars started defending very well and even having a few close chances to equalise. Slough did have more chances but P1 ended 1 - 0. P2 started with an Oxford chance however, wasting it leading to the Jets going on the attack and furthering their lead. Slough went on to score another but Stars retaliated that time and scored themselves ending P2 3 - 1. P3 began, gloves were dropped and many fights brawled out. Many penalties were given and the game re began. Stars tried very hard to score more goals however any chances were denied and Slough took the 2 points. Next up, it was the Buccaneers. The game started on a Stars high, dominating the first 5 mins with chances from Pentecost, Taylor and Hedges. Romford did have many shots during a PP but Oxford managed to kill it. Just before the 10 minute mark, Lawday went 1 on 1 with Phillips and put the puck into the back of the net. After the goal, Stars were eager for more however Phillips kept the Buccaneers in it. Not for long though as soon after Hedges came out of the penalty box he put the puck past Phillips furthering Stars lead. Although soon before P1 ended, Capps scored for Romford. P2 began and the Buccaneers definitely had woken up but Stars still the side with the closer chances from McGurk, Kostal and Taylor but Phillips not letting anything past him. Both teams received a couple of 2 min penalties however all were killed ending P2 2 - 1. P3 started with Capps scoring the Buccaneers short-handed equaliser. This was then followed by a Stars 2 minute penalty and for them to copy and score a short-handed goal! With 10 mins left, Lawday broke through and was taken down leading to the ref awarding a penalty shot which he scored himself. Romford were desperate for the equaliser until the few remaining seconds but with Miller working his magic the puck was kept out of the net and Stars finally had their much deserved win!

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