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Skating Toward Sustainability: Oxford City Stars and Hurrecane E-Bikes Join Forces

Oxford City Stars Welcomes Hurrecane E-Bikes as new Sponsor for the 2023-2024 Season

Oxford City Stars, Oxfordshire's premier ice hockey club, is excited to announce Hurrecane E-Bikes as our new sponsor for the upcoming 2023-2024 season!

Hurrecane E-Bikes ( are a leading subscription-based electric bike service, dedicated to providing sustainable transportation solutions. Their commitment to environmental consciousness aligns perfectly with Oxford City Stars' values, making them an ideal partner.

As part of this exciting collaboration, the Hurrecane E-Bikes logo will prominently grace our team jerseys, solidifying their presence in the heart of our club. In addition to this, Hurrecane E-Bikes has generously provided two custom E-bikes, specially painted in our Yellow and Blue, with club logos, which will serve as the primary mode of transportation for two of our non-British trained players living here in the heart of Oxford. This eco-friendly initiative not only supports our athletes but also emphasises our joint commitment to a greener future. Shane Moore, Head of Hockey Operations with the City Stars had this to say: "We are thrilled to welcome Hurrecane E-Bikes as our new sponsor for the upcoming season. This partnership represents more than just a logo on our jerseys; it signifies a shared commitment to sustainability and the well-being of our community. With Hurrecane E-Bikes, we're not only enhancing the mobility of our international players but also reducing our carbon footprint. Together, we're riding toward a brighter, greener future for Oxford City Stars" Tony Wand, Business Development Director at Hurrecane added: “We are really excited to be able to partner with Oxford City Stars this season. We have been able to provide 2 custom two F200 ebikes in their famous yellow and blue, complete with their logos, which will enable players to navigate their way around the city in style! Oxford is a perfect place for our Ebikes, and we are thrilled that the stars will be showcasing these around the city!”

Oxford City Stars is proud to partner with Hurrecane E-Bikes, and we look forward to an exciting season ahead. Together, we will strive for success while promoting sustainable transportation and a cleaner environment.

For more information about Oxford City Stars commercial partnership opportunities, please check out the website and brochure that can be found here:

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