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Royal Cars revs up with the Oxford City Stars for 23/24 season

Hold onto your seats, because Oxfordshire's premier taxi service, Royal Cars, is revving up its engines to back the Oxford's Premier ice hockey team, the City Stars in the exhilarating 2023/2024 season! This family-run, award-winning powerhouse is once again stepping up to support the Oxfordshires leading ice hockey team. With a robust fleet of over 400 vehicles, Royal Cars is all set to chauffeur customers on unforgettable short and long-distance journeys.

And that's not all – the electrifying partnership will see the Royal Cars logo grace the rink-board at Oxpens once again, embodying the local spirit and unwavering support that this business offers into the Stars organisation.

Nick Breakspear from Royal Cars, shared his excitement, saying: "Buckle up, because we are back in the driver's seat as proud sponsors of the Oxford City Stars for yet another season. These times have been testing for all of us, and now, more than ever, unity within the community is paramount. Here's to a stellar season ahead, as the Stars take centre stage once more!"

Reuben Diffy, Commercial Director with the City Stars expressed his gratitude, remarking, "The enduring support of Royal Cars continues to shine as a beacon of community commitment. As a small club, its is vital that we maintain, and expand on our commercial relationships. These sponsorships are fantastic for the club, and we are grateful for the continued support."

As Royal Cars and Oxford City Stars reignite their partnership, the streets of Oxfordshire will echo with the roar of excitement. It's a ride you won't want to miss – with Royal Cars in the driving seat and the Stars shining on the ice, the journey ahead promises to be an exhilarating one!

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