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Oxford City Stars Welcomes Shannon Taylor as Assistant Coach for the 2023/2024 Season

Oxford City Stars, Oxfordshire's PREMIER ice hockey club, is excited to announce the appointment of Shannon Taylor as the Assistant Coach for the upcoming 2023/2024 season. Shannon's transition from a player to a coaching role marks an important evolution in his career, and the club is eager to see his valuable contributions on and off the ice. Shannon Taylor, who was an experienced player for the team during the previous season, has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and an in-depth understanding of the game throughout his career. His commitment, dedication, and profound knowledge of UK ice hockey make him a natural fit for the role of Assistant Coach. As a respected member of the team, Shannon's transition to a coaching position underscores the depth of talent within the Oxford City Stars organisation. Head Coach Simon Anderson expressed his enthusiasm for having Shannon join the coaching staff, stating, "Shannon's on-ice skills have always been impressive, and his ability to motivate and mentor his teammates made it clear that he has the potential to excel in a coaching capacity. We are thrilled to have him as part of the coaching team, and I have no doubt that his insights and passion for the game will be invaluable." Shannon's new role will involve working closely with Head Coach Simon Anderson to develop and implement strategies that will elevate the team's performance on the ice. His first-hand experience as a player and his deep understanding of the game dynamics will provide a unique perspective to the coaching staff, contributing to a well-rounded coaching approach that caters to the individual and collective strengths of the players. The Oxford City Stars organization extends its warmest congratulations to Shannon Taylor on his new role as Assistant Coach and looks forward to a season filled with growth, learning, and remarkable achievements. The club believes that Shannon's transition from player to coach exemplifies the spirit of dedication and continuous improvement that drives the team's success. To conclude, Shannon added: "I'm really excited to be back with the City Stars this coming season. Last season I suffered with some injuries which proved disruptive, but I fell in love with the organisation and what they are trying to build here in Oxford. I really think I can can use my experience this coming season to help Simon and the team progress. Its an exciting squad thats been put together and I am grateful to be back with the team again.

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