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Oxford City Stars Takes Proactive Step to Enhance Player Safety with Mandatory Neck Guards

Player Safety First 🤝

In the wake of the tragic incident involving Adam Johnson, who sadly lost his life in a freak in-game accident, Oxford City Stars is advancing it's commitment to enhance player safety. The club is proud to announce the introduction of mandatory neck guards for all players and coaching staff. The club has ordered and is now awaiting delivery of neck guards for all players and coaches. Once received, these guards will be utilised during all on-ice activities going forward.

With the safety and well-being of our athletes at the forefront of this initiative, Oxford City Stars is taking the responsibility of providing specially designed neck guards for every member of the team. These guards will be a non-negotiable component of their attire during all practices and games, providing an extra layer of protection.

In a poignant tribute to Adam Johnson's memory, this commitment signifies not only a significant moment for the Oxford City Stars but also a cornerstone in advocating for enhanced safety standards across the sport. We encourage other clubs to also offer these neck guards to their players. At our level of play, we strongly believe that these guards should be worn by all players.

Shane Moore, Director of Hockey Operations, expressed, "This decision reinforces our dedication to player safety. We want to ensure that every possible measure is taken to protect our athletes while they are doing what they love. Safety must be a fundamental aspect of our actions, and we are grateful to all our players and coaching staff for their support in moving this initiative forward. We hope to serve as positive role models for both current and future players, showcasing that safety should always be the top priority.

"A life has tragically been taken too soon in a freak accident, and if wearing neck guards can prevent another devastating loss, then we want to ensure we have done everything within our power to protect our players," Moore added solemnly.

Oxford City Stars is committed to thew safety and well-being of its players, and this step towards mandatory neck guards marks an important stride in safeguarding our athletes. Let's stand together to prioritise player safety in the sport we love.

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