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Oxford City Stars Secures Helmet Sponsorship for 23/24 with Cox Electrical & Carl Catling Media!

Oxford City Stars, Oxfordshire's premier professional ice hockey team, is delighted to announce the extension of its partnerships with Cox Electrical and Carl Catling Media as sponsors for the team's helmets during the upcoming 2023/2024 season.

Cox Electrical, a trusted name in electrical services throughout the region, has already sponsored the sin bin's and rink boards with the Oxford City Stars for 23/24. Their support, along with other sponsors is instrumental in facilitating the growth and success of the organisation. Now, Cox Electrical has further expanded its involvement by sponsoring the team's helmets, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the team and the sport of ice hockey in the area. Gerald Cox of Cox Electrical had this to say: "Having sponsored Ice Hockey in Oxford last season and this coming season, I was keen to see what else we could do to further help the team. We are proud to extend our support, The Oxford City Stars offer a thrilling night out, real edge of the seat stuff, and we are honoured to be a part of that journey this season together."

Joining Cox Electrical in sponsoring the helmets for the 23/24 season is Carl Catling Media, a leading media and communications company known for its involvement in promoting ice hockey, football and grass hockey across the country, alongside support professional businesses around the Oxfordshire and Buckingham area. Carl Catling Media has established itself as a prominent supporter of local sports and community initiatives, making this extended partnership with Oxford City Stars a natural fit.

"I'm delighted to be able to extend my sponsorship with the Oxford City Stars for the coming season, having already sponsored the water bottles, it was an easy decision to extend that to the helmets when i knew this was available. Oxford City Stars are building a strong squad for the coming season, and I can't wait to see my logo sitting proudly on the helmets of the team this coming season."

Shane Moore, head of Hockey Operations added: "We are thrilled to announce the continued partnership with Cox Electrical & Carl Catling Media as sponsors for our helmets. The support from both has been invaluable to our organisation, and we are excited to further strengthen that relationship.

The sponsorship will prominently feature the Cox Electrical and Carl Catling Media logos on the helmets worn by the Oxford City Stars players during practices and games. The partnership will also provide Cox Electrical and Carl Catling Media with increased brand visibility and exposure among the team's loyal fan base and throughout the wider Oxfordshire community and beyond.

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