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Oxford City Stars Bid Farewell to Three Squad Members

Oxford City Stars announces a series of changes in the squad, bidding farewell to three valued players who have made significant contributions to the team.

The club expresses its gratitude and best wishes to the following departing players:

  1. Bailey Hind-Pitcher (BHP): Bailey, affectionately known as BHP, joined the Oxford City Stars midway through last season and quickly became a force to be reckoned with on the offensive end. Known for his lightning-quick, hard shot, BHP made an immediate impact, leaving an indelible mark on the team.

  2. Aaron Moody: Moody, a 21-year-old forward, departs after joining the Stars at the start of last season. In his time with the team, Aaron showcased his skills in 39 games, contributing to the overall performance of the squad.

  3. Oliver Harris (Ollie): Ollie, who joined the Stars this season after two successful seasons with MK Thunder, served as a winger and played 17 games for the team. His dedication and efforts have been commendable.

All three players leave with the club's best wishes for their future endeavours, and the Oxford City Stars expresses gratitude for their time, commitment, and contributions to the team. As we bid farewell to these players, the organisation looks forward to unveiling exciting new signings ahead of the upcoming deadline.

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