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oliver returns!

Forward Josh Oliver has re-signed for Oxford City Stars.

Oliver, 29, has been a mainstay of the Stars over many years and scored 170 goals for the club.

The popular forward did not hesitate to re-sign for his hometown club.

Oliver said: “I love playing for Oxford. It’s my home and I can’t wait to get the season underway.”

Head coach Simon Anderson said: “Getting Josh back in a yellow jersey was a massive priority for me.

“Josh has everything and, in my view, could easily play at the next level. He is a solid two way centre,who has incredible puck skills and will help us in all situations.

“By his own admission he did not have the best of seasons last year for a number of reasons, but he has his mojo back and will be a real threat at both ends of the rink for us this season.

“He is a great kid with a big presence in the room and I'm excited to see him bring his A game.”

If you would like to sponsor Josh' match jerseys via our own and loan programme please get in touch.

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