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Coaches Corner

"Start On Time!!!

It's a phrase used by coaches all over the world and one that is so important when addressing your players pre game...

Chelmsford had just fired their coach, so we spoke about them perhaps being in some turmoil or potentially being fired up and it was important that we started the game well. 22 seconds into the game and we find ourselves behind. We then go 4-1 down 9 minutes into the game, so I guess you could say we didn't start on time.

Having to call a timeout in the first period is never a good thing, but sometimes it is necessary. I could see the game slipping away and to be fair to the boys we kept it at that scoreline for the remainder of the period. It was important to get into the room and come out for the second in a different mindset.

I thought the boys were fantastic in the second period. We responded brilliantly and got ourselves back into the game at 4-3 and it was really nice to see both of our Powerplay lines clicking and all of our practice on that part of our game coming together.

Chelmsford scored again to make it 5-3 on a deflected shot from the half wall and our curse of puck deflected goals continues.

When you are down the bottom end of the table you never seem to get the bounces and that's been proven in the last 3 or 4 games.

We started the 3rd period well and we had many looks to possibly tie the game, but to be fair to their Netminder he was a match for everything we shot at him, but the positive I take from that is that we are creating plenty of opportunity we just need to bare down and get that puck in the net.

We were pushing when Chelmsford scored their 3 goals in the third and you always leave yourself exposed when you are pushing offensively. Being honest I don't think it was an 8-3 game and that scoreline flatters them, but as I said at the start of this article, if we start on time we probably don't have to push and take chances chasing the game.

From a team perspective it was good to get Aaron Burton some game time. I thought he looked solid and for a guy who has played very little cannot be blamed for any of the goals that went in and we are excited to see him continue to develop moving forward.

This weekend is huge and as a group we need to come together at practice on Wednesday and get our preparations bang on as we head into MK on Saturday and Raiders at home on Sunday.

The month of February is absolutely crucial for us to revive our season.We need to be prepared to bring our best on a consistent basis and it's up to all of us myself included to be ready for every game and be prepared to Start On Time!!!"

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