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Coaches Corner

Two heavy defeats over the weekend and these really hurt.For the first time this season I think we can look at our compete levels as being a major factor.We have been in most games this season and that has come off our compete levels being really high.For us to be successful we have to have those battling qualities to stand a chance.

Its a lesson and one we need to learn from quickly and dust ourselves down, regroup and go again.

Streatham are a phenomenal team and if you are not at your best you stand no chance and that was what ultimately happened.

Sunday was different, Invicta are no way seven goals better than us and folding like we did is not acceptable and its hopefully something we won't see again.I want my teams to have pride in the jersey and play with grit and determination, its the only way we can be a success..

Myself and Shane worked really hard during the summer to recruit a team for the fans and sponsors to be proud of.On paper I believe we have a roster that can finish in the top 4 of this league.However for that to happen we need to be a team that practices together and commits to game days.

Right now we don't seem to be getting that on a regular basis.We know as a coaching staff and management we would be missing some guys on occasions when we signed them, but we also have some senior players who do not practice enough and pull out of games on game days and for me this is unacceptable as it leaves our younger players exposed.

Commitment is the key to turning our ship around and myself and Shane will do whatever it takes to give our sponsors and fans the team they deserve.

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