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It was really great to win a game in front of our own fans on Saturday. I felt we started the game really positively and we deserved our lead. Credit to Invicta they battled back and put us back on our heels for a period of time and battled back to tie the game and eventually opened up a 2 goal lead.

I think once they established their lead, that's when I really started to see our character as a group come out, which really pleased me from a coaching point of view. We changed our system going into the third period and with the guys buys in, work ethic and never say die attitude enabled us to get a grip of the game and ultimately win it.

From my point of view we have been trying some new systems which have taken a little time to bed in, but I think they are starting to show how they can help us moving forward and hopefully enable us to have success. Things will always take time when you have 15 new signing and I feel we are coming together as a group now and that's credit to every guy who has put a Stars jersey on this season.

On the down side we are obviously not happy with conceding 6 goals and there is definitely work to do in that area. We will however keep working on our end zone and the players we have here will get that right..

We now have 2 very tough games this coming weekend. The boys are buzzing after that win and hopefully we can have a great week in practice and go into those games with confidence.

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