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Back and Better Than Ever: Danny Williams Rejoins Oxford City Stars

Oxford City Stars, the Premier Ice Hockey team in Oxfordshire are pleased to announce that Danny Williams will be returning to Oxpens Road after a highly successful season with Swindon Wildcats NIHL2.

Danny spent the previous year with the Wildcats, where he honed his skills and built his confidence in the NIHL2 and is now ready to rejoin the City Stars for the upcoming season. Last season, in just 23 games, he managed to put up 30 goals and 18 assists for a 48 point return.

He is no stranger to Oxford City Stars, having previously played in the 21/22 season. His departure to the Swindon Wildcats was seen as an opportunity for personal growth and development, and it proved to be just that.

During his time with the Wildcats, he's given us no choice but to take another look at him. He's shown just how much he wants this, setting new personal records and earning accolades for his outstanding performances. His commitment and dedication to the sport were evident as he consistently pushed his limits, elevating his game to new heights.

Now, returning to Oxford City Stars, Danny brings with him an enhanced skill set and an unparalleled drive to succeed. His experience with the Wildcats has undoubtedly strengthened his confidence, making him an even better player on the ice.

Shane Moore, Head of Hockey Operations expressed his excitement about Danny's return, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome him back to Oxford City Stars. His time with the Wildcats has undeniably sharpened his abilities, and we are confident that his return will have a positive impact on the team. Danny brings an exceptional level of skating ability, skill and determination and I am excited to see what he can do this season back in the NIHL1."

Danny also shared his enthusiasm, saying, "I am incredibly excited to be returning to Oxford City Stars. The opportunity to play with the Wildcats and gain valuable experience has been instrumental in my growth as a player. Now, I am thrilled to rejoin my teammates at City Stars and contribute to the team's ongoing success. I look forward to stepping back on the ice with my my new team and giving our fans an exciting season. I’m excited to put on stars colours again as I feel I have more to show the hockey community in Oxford. My first season led to an injury which saw me out of the remainder of the year. After a lot of rehabilitation I signed for Swindon2 last season where I regained my confidence and managed to put up over 2 points a game. I'm coming back to Oxford refreshed, confident and re-engaged with my love for the sport. I believe the new and improved set up in Oxford will not only better the club but also help me improve my game and take it to the next level."

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