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AvoryX Pioneers Next-Level Hygiene and Performance as Official Towel Sponsor for Oxford City Stars

AVORYX, the emerging premium gymwear and apparel brand, is on a mission to revolutionize the fitness fashion industry. With a strong focus on innovation and design, AVORYX is setting new standards for gymwear that are both fashionable and functional.

The cornerstone of AVORYX's philosophy is their commitment to creating gymwear that stands out through intention and quality. Their approach is refreshingly simple: small, meticulously curated collections known as "capsules" that bring premium fitness essentials to the market. Each piece is carefully crafted with precision and the use of cutting-edge textile technology, ensuring that their customers experience the perfect blend of innovation and design. They have joined in partnership today with the Oxford City Stars as the Official Gym Towel Sponsor for the team. "We are delighted to bring on AvoryX. They are going to be a huge company in the next few years and we are pleased to welcome them onboard as the Official Towel Sponsor for the Stars" stated Shane Moore, Director of Hockey Operations.

One of AVORYX's standout achievements is the introduction of the world's first antibacterial gym towels. These innovative towels repel odours, stay fresh for longer and can be conveniently clipped to the wearer's waist, offering a practical solution for gym-goers. It's just one example of AVORYX's ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards.

With a passion for innovation and a focus on sustainable practices, they're gaining recognition as a brand that is redefining fitness fashion, one capsule at a time. If you are interested in Joining the City Stars partners, please visit for more information.

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