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On behalf of everyone at the Stars a huge thank you to all fans who generously donated to the supporters’ table collection to pay the club’s fine to the NIHL.

The Stars were hit by a raft of penalties by the NIHL for postponing our home fixture v Invicta Dynamos on December 18th. The fixture did not take place because we did not have a netminder due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The penalties included a £150 fine and in response to the news some of our matchday volunteers on the supporters’ table kindly set up a bucket collection on Sunday to raise the money.

Incredibly the amount raised far exceeded the fine and the club will donate the difference to local charity the Oxford Hospitals Charity. The charity helps to transform care - funding the best medical equipment, research, training and facilities for our patients and staff.

Stars’ director Greig Box Turnbull said: “We can’t thank everybody enough; this is an incredible act of kindness and generosity and demonstrates the real togetherness that runs deep at the club.

“It has given everyone at the club a real boost after being hit so hard by the league. For me it’s not about the money, it’s the sentiment and the way everyone rallied for the club out of a sense of fair play and unity is simply tremendous. Additionally, the supporters have created a really positive outcome in the face of adversity with some much needed funds going to a vital local charity. Thank you to everyone involved.”

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