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Legend Returns: Darren Elliott Comes Out of Retirement to Ignite Oxford City Stars!


Oxford City Stars are thrilled to announce the return of club legend Darren Elliott to the active lineup. With multiple club records under his belt, including an all-time high of 426 games played, Elliott is set to extend his legacy on the ice as he rejoins the team this weekend.

Darren Elliott's impact on the Oxford City Stars is unparalleled, having left an indelible mark with his remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to the club. His return is eagerly anticipated, as he looks to make an immediate impact on the team after training with the squad.

Head Coach Simon Anderson expressed his excitement about Elliott's return, stating, "Darren has been an integral part of the Oxford City Stars family, and we are elated to welcome him back to the active lineup. His experience, leadership, and deep connection with the club will undoubtedly inspire our players and fans. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact he'll bring to the team on and off the ice."

Darren Elliott, a club stalwart and record-holder for all-time games played, shared his thoughts on rejoining the team: "After speaking with Simon about the way things have gone this season and being alongside him on the bench, he approached me about being able to help out on the ice due to injuries. It's been hard to watch the boys struggle, so I thought I would take him up on the idea. While my full commitment still belongs to the junior program, I want to do what I can to help and feel I may still have a little something to give. I always played with my heart on my sleeve and hope to inject some passion and desire to push this group of guys in the right direction."

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