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GB HEAD COACH supports oxford junior club

It was a privilege to welcome GB head coach Pete Russell to the Oxford Junior Stars this week for a bespoke coaching session for our coaches.

The Peter Russell Coaching Hub provided a detailed session for our group of junior coaches - providing insights and tips to help our coaching team develop as coaches and enhance our provision to our Junior Stars.

Darren Elliott, head of junior development at Oxford, said: "It was an inspiring session that has given us a lot of tools to use going forward.

"This was a landmark moment for our club and demonstrates our desire to take our junior development to the next level. We are working on improving our coaching provision and developing as a group of coaches so we can provide the best possible coaching to our juniors. To receive coaching advise from Pete was first-class and something we could have only dreamed about in the past.

"We will now be looking at how we can introduce some of his advice into our we operate. Our thanks goes to Pete for his valuable time."

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