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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Not the result we wanted,but I find myself again saying how well the boys played for no reward at the end of it.I think it's a game we will look back on and know if we took our chances when they presented themselves it could have quite easily have been a different result.

Our game plans,system of play and our identity are starting to show through and it won't be long before we start turning the narrow losses into wins,I'm convinced of that.

One thing we need to eradicate from our game is the way we seem to kill our momentum swings at times.We score a goal and then become masters of our own downfall with a sloppy play in our end that results in a goal for the opposition.Its something we have to stamp out to be successful for sure and we will keep working hard to eliminate those mistakes.

Offensively we created a ton of chances,which Is really encouraging,if we can just execute and put pucks away it's a different game and we are higher in the standings.Its going to come I have no doubts about that.

We ran into a Chelmsford team buoyed by the signing of an import Netminder who for me stole the game for them with a man of the match display.He will certainly win them games and I have no doubt their locker room will be a better and more professional place because of it as he will bring that side of it from playing football at the highest level.

We went into the game short again.We have guys in the team who unfortunately for various reasons cannot make every game and its something we knew about coming into the season.It just all culminated with all if those guys being unavailable at the same time and that really had an affect on our preparation and in game itself..Thankfully we have an NIHL2 team to bring guys up from and those guys were exceptional and I will definitely have not hesitation to use those guys again.

With a bit of luck we will be back to having a stronger roster next weekend,when Streatham roll into town and then we face Invicta on the road in the cup.Our cup form has been exceptional and we only need one more win from our last two cup games to secure a Semi Final place,which would be huge for the club.

We have the guys to get the job done,we just need to work hard,stick together and hopefully good things will follow.

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